DAD Series Adsorption Dryer:
Our main principle in line with the customer’s interests, through continuous efforts, innovation and research, we introduced a new generation of regenerative air filtration system with more
complete features, efficient, energy-saving, high reliability, cost-saving, less installation space and easy maintenance. We are grand launch of a new generation of heatless regeneration
adsorption drying system product, DAD series. Its compact, and function is more complete, high efficient, simple to operate, economical, high energy saving, more reliability, more space saving
installation and maintenance is convenient




Heatless regenerative adsorption dryer is widely used in various industrial applications included

  • Medical / Pharmaceutical process
  • Food Industry
  • Pneumatic transmission systems
  • Communication equipment
  • Railways / Trains
  • Electronic



Use of high efficiency refrigeration dryers and line filters fitted with condensate drains will remove water vapor, oil, and wear particles, in many cases it is not enough. Some production systems and processes demand an even higher quality of compressed air. DAD “End point of use” heatless regenerative adsorption dryers can provide the perfect air quality, without the need for drying the complete compressed air installation, which can be costly and unnecessary.

This range should also be used when the ambient temperature goes below freezing point, to avoid ice building in pipes and applications. The DAD range is typically used in the chemical, food
and pharmaceutical industry and whenever a PDP <3°C is requested.