DENAIR Group is a Sino-German joint venture enterprise and is considered as one of the leading manufacturer of air compressor products in Shanghai, China. Founded in 1998, we now have over 400 employees. Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service coupled with quality products and energy saving solutions.




DENAIR’s primary businesses focus in following key areas:

  • Oil-injected rotary screw compressors (Fixed speed and variable speed; high, normal and low pressure)
  • Portable screw air compressors (Diesel-powered and electric motor powered)
  • Oil free air compressors (Scroll type, dry type, water-lubricated type)
  • High pressure piston air compressors (Oil-injected and oil free)
  • Air treatment equipment (Air dryers, air filters and air receiver tank)
  • Vacuum pump
  • Organic Rankine Cycle for waste heat recovery


At DENAIR, we earn our customers’ trust and satisfaction by manufacturing the superior quality compressed air products for all industries. All of our products are designed for reliable performance, easy maintenance, and maximum energy efficiency. DENAIR has been exporting to more than 90 countries across the globe. We have sales representatives who can speak English, Spanish, French, Russian and Arabic, which makes it easier for our clients from all over the world to interact and negotiate with us.


DENAIR continuously innovates product development and management to meet customers’ demand. The powerful enterprise culture and continuous innovation have made DENAIR improve rapidly to reach the business principle “Energy Saving First, Mutual Value Shared”. DENAIR’s mission is to be a world-renowned high-end brand, with sustainable development, constantly improving its own value and sharing with our customers and staff. We are committed to offering our customers silent and energy-saving manufactured products.


All of DENAIR products are approved by ISO certificate, CE certificate, GC certificate, etc. In 2013, Denair Group’s application for China National Laboratory of Energy Efficiency was approved by China National Institute of Standardization. It means that DENAIR has made a big step forward in energy-saving work.