When I shut down my compressor why can’t I restart it right away?

The unloading cycle must be completed before the system will restart.

When I start my compressor, it instantly overpressures.

Check pressure regulator setting.

Why do I see oil in my air cleaner?

Faulty seal in inlet valve. Machine shut down under a full load. Machine shut down with service valve open.

My compressor slowly builds up air and overpressures.

Check to ensure air inlet filter is not plugged. Is motor/engine rpm too low?

Why is my oil a pinkish color?

There is moisture in the oil. Service the oil and the filter at regular intervals.

My compressor is overheating.

Check cooling fan. Check oil level. Check compressor speed.

Why is oil coming out of my service valve?

Check the oil level. Plugged coalescing filter? Check oil. Does your unit require service? Check oil return line.