Waterless Engine Coolant

Life Time Cooling – Evans waterless coolants are incomparable to any other engine coolant. Proven to eliminate all problems associated with water based coolants, Evans redefines the boundaries of engine cooling. Not only will Evans improve your cooling system performance it will also protect your engine, extending its life and improving reliability. Significantly, Evans can acheive all this for the life of the engine without the need to refresh.

Superior Boil-Over Protection and Safer Pressures

Evans High Performance boils at 375°F (191°C) at atmospheric pressure. Water-based coolants boil near the boiling point of water and vaporize rather easily, causing hot spots as liquid coolant becomes displaced. The high boiling point of Evans HDC keeps liquid coolant in contact with the jacket metal at all times. The use of Evans HDC creates a safer, low pressure cooling system. Evans waterless coolants become more viscous at low temperatures but do not freeze.

  • No Water – No Overheating

    Evans waterless coolants have a boiling point above 375°F and will not boil over.

  • No Water – No Corrosion

    Water corrodes engines by oxidation and electrolysis. Evans Waterless Coolants are a low oxygen formulation and reduce corrosive action.

  • No Water – No Pressure

    Evans Waterless Coolants allow your cooling system to run at a lower pressure, reducing the stress on engine components.

  • No Water – No Pitting

    Evans Waterless Coolants generate significantly less pitting when compared with all water based coolants.

  • No Water – No Scaling

    Evans Waterless Coolants prevent the build up of hard water scale that reuslts in inefficient heat transfer.

  • No Water – More HP

    Evans Waterless Coolants eliminate premature detonation and spark retard associated with hot spots caused by water vapor.