The Welder has been a proven performer with over 31 years of field use in the harshest conditions. This welder offers a simple and reliable design without the unnecessary gauges, dials or “idiot lights”. This machine can weld, charge a battery and provide twenty amps (2300w) of 115V DC power for tools, lighting, and DC capable appliances. Not to mention the ability to run incandescent or halogen lighting, electric cookers, and blenders.

The Welder has a custom made, high frequency/high amp alternator with a dual plane precision balance rotor and hand wound starter. The central control box consists of six foot heavy duty wire harness, specially designed high ground fault, high surge protection, solid-state voltage regulator, a battery charging clamp and foolproof vernier throttle control.

Novice welders will really appreciate how easy it is to achieve quality welds with minimal practice. The Welder allows welding to begin just above idle. The welder supplies high frequency multi-process capable DC welding power allowing you to easily weld mild or high carbon steel, stainless stell and aluminum. The pulsating high frequency DC current enalbes the use of AC or DC electordes.