Portability: The Ready Welder, in it’s case, is light enough to be hand carried.

Powerful: This MIG Welder can be powered by batteries, or by AC current when connected to a welding machine as a Spool Gun.

Amperage Range: The Ready Welder welds very thin metals using a 12 and a 6 volt battery, (18 volts) or very thick metals with 36 volts DC, (three 12 volt batteries) yielding from 45amps, up to 350 amps of power.

Versatile: Welds steel, stainless steel, aluminum, or any weld-able metal or alloy; in addition: Use it as a Spool Gun or as a stand alone welder. Ready Welder II welds with, or without a gas tank, as with flux core electrode wire.

Economy: User friendly, quick setup time, economical to use, low purchase cost, are among the factors making it a “must have” for every tool box.

Uniqueness: The Copyrighted design and Patented Circuitry make it a unique product which fills a previously unmet need, worldwide.

Safety Factor: After a history of nearly 10 years of operation, the Ready Welder Corporation has had no report or claim of any injury from use of the Ready Welder.

RW Model Number Connects to Batteries Connects to CV MIG Machines Connects to CC ARC/Stick Machines Has Extended 20′ Leads Integrated Ground Clamp Features “Cold Start” Safety
10000 Yes No No No Yes No
10000ADP Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
10250 Yes* Yes Yes Yes No No
10000-CS Yes No No No Yes Yes
10000ADP-CS Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
10250-CS Yes* Yes Yes Yes No Yes