A rugged, simple and lightweight air operated pump that requires no priming and is capable of moving close to 5000 gallons of water per hour. The straight through design eliminates clogging and the unit cannot seize.
*Requires 80 cfm at 100 psi compressed air at the nozzle





Extremely compact, low cost, lightweight down hole pump

  • Pumps slurry, mud and small stones without effort
  • Allows every crew and supervisor to have a pump in
    the truck
  • Venturi type pump with no moving parts
  • Supplied with 20 ft. of lay flat discharge hose
  • Sufficient power to pump water 15 ft.
  • Used by all types of utilities and contractors


To completely empty your excavation (see the picture below)

  • Support the discharge hose at the top of the excavation with some semi rigid flexible tubing
  • Dig a small hole in the bottom of the excavation
  • Punch holes in a bucket or can.
  • Place the pump inside the bucket and fill with small stones
  • Avoid the pinch points (unsupported) as shown in the picture below